Samsung Galaxy S4 Released to Public

Alex Risch, Staff Writer

May 2, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released on April 27th.  It seems to have the most software extras that any phone has had to date. Some of the new features includes eye-tracking software. This allows users to scroll on their phone just by looking. Another feature is that the screen will not dim while you are...

SV Alum Answering a Higher Call

SV Alum Answering a Higher Call

John Madeira, Staff Writer

April 30, 2013

Just weeks after the United States and the world were changed by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the first American boots hit the ground in the landlocked nation of Afghanistan. President George W. Bush sent the first American troops into the mountainous, Middle Eastern country on October...

SV Students Visit National Air Force Museum

John Madeira, Staff Writer

April 25, 2013

This past Monday, 47 Seneca Valley juniors and seniors took a daylong trip to visit a piece of US history: the National Museum of the United States Air Force on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  Students in Mrs. Schuster’s Aviation class, as well as students from Mr. Lucot’s A...

What Not To Wear: Senior Boards Edition

What Not To Wear: Senior Boards Edition

Melissa John, staff Writer

April 24, 2013

You've written your senior paper, you've planned and executed your entire senior project, and now you have to face your senior boards' judges in order to deliver your final speech. You've written your outline, practiced so many times that your mother can now recite your research in its entirety, and...

New Faces in the Penguins Locker Room

Liam Millroy, Staff Writer

April 15, 2013

With the roster that the Penguins have put together, and the great success they have had thus far, General Manager Ray Shero feels like the Penguins need to win this year.  In order to do so, he made a few key moves to bolster the team's roster. The first new addition to the Roster was veteran winger,...

Top Ten Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

Melissa John, Staff Writer

March 11, 2013

The snow outside is melting, warmer temperatures are poking their way into the weather forecast, and it's about that time to store away your Uggs and peacoats and replace them with these top ten fashion trends of spring 2013. With the help of People's Style Watch magazine, the most essential spring p...

Shell Ceases Arctic Ocean Petroleum Drilling for 2013

Shannon Turgeon, News Editor

March 4, 2013

Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced on Wednesday that it will not continue to drill in the Arctic Ocean this year. According to the New York Times, their announcement follows a series of incidents that occurred while drilling there in 2012. The President of Shell Oil, Marvin Odum, stated that "We've ...

Valentine’s Day: Stepping Outside ‘The Dinner Date’

Melissa John, Staff Writer

February 14, 2013

When it comes to Valentine's Day, the same troubles barricade our minds from year to year. What if I spend too much? What if I don't do enough? What if I don't even have a Valentine this year? Well, rest easy! With these tips, you can manage to get through yet another Valentine's Day with less stress, ...

Retiring Ray Lewis

Bradley Hart, Staff Writer

January 8, 2013

On January 2,  football great Ray Lewis announced his intention of retiring at the end of this season.  He is an important member of the Baltimore Ravens and one of the greatest linebackers that the game has ever seen. He led the Ravens to a Super Bowl win over the New York Giants in 2000.  Also,...

Butler County Residents Struggle with Contaminated Water

Butler County Residents Struggle with Contaminated Water

Shannon Turgeon, News Editor

December 20, 2012

Multiple Connoquenessing Township families have been struggling to live their lives without access to clean water for over a year, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Residents of the Woodlands neighborhood in Connoquenessing Township first noticed a problem in January 2011. Multiple homeow...