Seneca Valley swings into Tarzan

Sarah Ierino

April 20, 2018

The Seneca Valley Senior High School put on their annual musical, Tarzan, beginning March 9 and running through March 11. Shows began at 7:30 pm, with the Sunday "extra" show starting at 2:00 pm. All shows took place in the Intermediate High School auditorium. There were two acts of Tarzan with ten...

Midterm Vs. Quarterly?

Sarah Ierino

February 20, 2018

Then end of the semester brings lots of excitement, being half-way done with the school year. However, it also brings lot of stress as the quarterlies and midterms roll around. The real question is, which one is better: the midterm or the quarterly? The difference is that a midterm is taken after...

Battle of the Sexes: Valentine’s Day expectations

Patrick Inman and Sarah Ierino

February 14, 2018

Love is in the air. It's that time of the year again where couples put all issues aside to enjoy each other's company, and single people drown in their own misery or celebrate because they aren't tied down yet. As Valentine's Day approaches each year, couple's tend to set expectations in their head...

iPhone 8 vs. Pixel 2: who wins?

iPhone 8 vs. Pixel 2: who wins?

Sarah Ierino, Staff Writer

December 4, 2017

This fall season brings on a whole new world of technology which automatically comes with new competition between Apple, Google and Samsung. People were overjoyed to hear about the release of the iPhone 8 that occurred just a few weeks ago. The new iPhone 8 features an all-new glass design, a water...

Twins: Sarah and Maggie Angiulo

Sarah and Maggie Agiulo

Sarah Ierino

October 13, 2017

Seniors Sarah and Maggie Angiulo made their first appearance in the halls of the Seneca Valley Senior High School at the start of junior year. Being twins in a new place with new people to meet offered the ultimate support through the big change. Despite the similar appearance, the Angiulo sister...