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Charlie Dugas

Charlie Dugas is a 16-year-old who can educate anyone on sports. Sports Journalism is a career he is pursuing, even enrolling in a journalism class. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he knows a lot about the ups and downs of fran...


Brianna Funchion

Brianna Funchion is a senior at Seneca Valley. She is taking several classes that include AP Psychology, CHS Sociology, Honors English, and her favorite, pottery. Outside of school she enjoys coaching gymnastics. Her favorite ac...


Corie Julian

Corie Julian is an 11th grade student at Seneca Valley High school. Corie Considers herself to be an artist, which is why she is more excited about her painting’s classes, along with photography. Corie enjoys active classes A...


Kali Kilhof

Kali Kilhof is a 10th grade student at Seneca Valley Intermediate High School. Kali looks forward to her health and chemistry classes this semester. She works at The Milkshake Factory and skis in the wintertime. Kali reads when she isn’t...


Billy McSwiggan

Billy McSwiggan is an 11th grader at Seneca Valley High School. While he enjoys classes such as sociology, he is mainly focused on his English based classes. He plans on getting a ROTC scholarship, getting a degree in English Lite...


Gabriela Milanez

Gabriela Milanez is a freshman student at Seneca valley at intermediate high school who has just moved from Brazil over the summer. At school, she takes two honors classes, biology and algebra 2. One important fact is that those two...


Felicity Scott

Felicity Scott is a 12th grade student at Seneca Valley Senior High School. She is looking forward to taking Intro to Philosophy and CHS Integrated Journalism and Communication the most out of all her classes this year. While ou...

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