It’ll be raining in Chicago or Cleveland soon enough


Joe Demeis, Staff Writer

One of the longest MLB title droughts will be broken this year. It is between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.

The Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908. The last time that the Cubs appeared in the World Series was in 1945 against the Cleveland Indians. This was the Indian’s most recent Fall Classic win. In 1997, the Indians made it to the World Series; they have not been in a championship since.

Many sports analysts say that the Cubs are going to win. The Cubs have a pitching edge over the Indians. Chicago’s pitching staff was ranked number one in the league at the end of the season. Also, the Cubs are filled with young talent and veterans on offense and defense. Chicago ranked third in batting this year.

The tribe definitely has a chance to beat the cubbies, no doubt. The Indians are known for being one of the best base-running teams in baseball this year. The Cubs have a hard time keeping base runners close on the base paths. The Indians need to get on base and get into the heads of the opposing pitchers. The Cubs’ ace, Jon Lester, rarely throws over to first base, so they will definitely take advantage of that in Games 1 and 5. Additionally, the Indians have a dynamic offense and defense with short-stop Francisco Lindor and third baseman Jose Ramirez in the lineup and on the field. Mike Napoli, Cleveland’s first baseman, has been a big contributor to their success. Napoli brings a lot of life and energy to the baseball atmosphere in Cleveland, as well.

The first two games of the seven game series were played in Cleveland. The American League Champion, the Indians, had home-field advantage this year because of the AL All-Star team’s win. Some say that San Francisco Giants’ and NL All-Star-Game starting pitcher, Johnny Cueto, is to blame because of his poor pitching performance.

In Game 1, both, Cubs’ and Indians’, aces were on the mound. Corey Kluber threw six shutout innings, striking out nine. He made World Series’ history by striking out eight batters in three innings. Jon Lester went 5 and 2/3 innings, striking out seven while letting up three earned runs. The Indians’ catcher, Roberto Perez, homered twice. The Indians came out on top. The final score was 6-0.

In Game 2, twenty-five-year-old right-hander, Trevor Bauer, was on the hill for the tribe. Former Cy Young Award Winner, Jake Arrieta, opposed Bauer. Arrieta took a no-hitter into the sixth inning. He went 5 and 2/3 innings, giving up a run while striking out six. Bauer only lasted 3 and 2/3 innings. He let up two earned runs. The Cubs ended up winning by a score of 6-1.

The series is tied at 1-1.

The most talked about player of the World Series thus far is Kyle Schwarber. Schwarber was the designated hitter for the Cubs during the first two games of the Fall Classic. He has been out since the third game of the season after tearing his ACL and LCL. Schwarber collided with center fielder, Dexter Fowler, while tracking down a fly ball in the left-center field gap. He was called up as a catcher, but transitioned over to left field because the Cubs did not want to lose his hot bat. Miguel Montero and David Ross were doing the catching. He has returned and is tearing it up in the postseason once again.

Kyle Schwarber went 1-for-3 his first game back (Game 1) with a double off of the wall. In Game 2, he had two hits and 2 RBI. Schwarber has a .353 career postseason average with 5 home runs and 10 RBI in 41 at bats (2015 and 2016).

Schwarber and the rest of the youngsters and veterans on the Cubs could win Chicago their first championship in over one hundred years. Do not count out the Indians, though. They always find a way to win.