Seneca Valley Holds 2015 Pep Rally

Seneca Valley Holds 2015 Pep Rally

Luke Ryan

Just this past August 29, every  Seneca Valley dancer, cheerleader, or fan of either, gathered in the football field at our very own NexTier Stadium for the first pep rally of the 2015-2016 school year.

It was day to get everyone pumped and excited for a whole new season of all the high school sports Seneca has to offer. Along with practicing every chance they get, just to prepare for this big event each and every performer puts in even more practicing before the long show ahead of them.

The pep rally began with the youngest of the dancers and cheerleaders, progressing into an older level, then varsity, followed by a boys girls dance. Varsity cheerleader Taylor Tomczak’s thoughts everything is that “The thing about being a varsity cheerleader is that you don’t really get to do much at the games, because that’s when the band gets to perform. So that means the pep rally is the only time you get to show off what you’ve learned.”

A pep rally is much more than just for the cheerleaders and dancers to show their stuff to a crowd. It is like a scrimmage in the world of cheerleading. It is also to show the football and basketball teams what the cheerleaders can do for them from the sidelines during the game, and to get the student body excited for the games yet to come.

Seneca Valley also is planning to host another pep rally before this years Homecoming game as well to hype up such an important event. The performers definitely did their jobs with cheers set to modern remixed music as the varsity cheerleaders did back flips and threw each other into the air, and the middle school girls whipped their pony tails and did some more elaborate dance moves on the ground, and towards the very end the girls of all ages pulled together into one combined routine.


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