SV Raiders Place Second in Their Tip Off Tournaments

The boys’ and girls’ SV Basketball team both finished in second place at their Tip Off Tournaments.

The boys played  at Mars High School for the tournament  competing against three other teams.  They kicked off the tournament against Penn Hills on Friday and they won 88-59.  They played Mars on Saturday and suffered a devastating loss in a very close game with a score of 60-58.  The Mars player scored in the final seconds of the game with a three point shot to put themselves ahead by two.  The boys’ played tough and very offensive this weekend they just caught a tough break in the last game against Mars in the final moments of the game.

Seneca player, Josh Bauer, is a starting center that gives an inside view of how things went this weekend.  Bauer said, “Both the team and myself played best on Friday considering we totally blew out PennHills on the court.  I had a total of 12 points that game as well.  Our performance on Saturday overall was decent except for the fact that we just gave up too many points and our defense was poor.”

As for the girls they played at Seneca High School and began their first game against Hampton with a win of 63-55.  Their next game was against Burrell and they lost 58-48.  The girls’ overall performance was pretty good considering the games were high scoring.  The only things they would need to work on would be defending the net a little bit better to keep the opposing team from scoring as much.

Abbey Trzeciak is a forward for the Seneca Valley girls’ basketball team.  Trzeciak said, “The team was sloppy on Friday against Hampton.  Even though I scored 12 loins that game I think as a team we could have played a lot better.  Starting with our defense and not allowing our opponents to get as many shots off.  On Saturday we played really well against Burrell as a team because it was a tough competition, however we ended up losing.”

Both teams played their hearts this weekend and both had high scoring games.  Neither team gave up even though both lost in the finals of the tournament.  Neither of the two loses were separated by a lot of points considering the boys only lost by two and the girls by ten.  Each team had a great start to their seasons and both are getting an idea of how each player functions.  The chemistry between the two teams is remarkable considering they have only been practicing together for a few sessions.