A Successful Season Comes to an End for Boys’ Volleyball

Bradley Hart, Staff Writer

Throughout the entire year the Seneca Valley boys’ volleyball team has faced a many obstacles that they have had to overcome.

All of these obstacles lead to the playoffs.  That is where the Raiders were after the win against Butler in Thursday night.  In the first round of the WPIAL playoffs the raiders faced off against Plum.  In the season the Raiders played Plum twice.

The first time was in the opening tournament of the year and the second time was during the regular season.  In both games Seneca won.  The match started off with a poor performance by the Raiders.

After the first match started off slow for the Raiders they collectively picked up their level of play and came back.  Then the match started a see saw motion going back and forth both teams going back and forth.  Finally after surviving until the fifth game the Raiders won with a big kill to end the fifth game 16 to 14.

With no time to rest the Raider played on Thursday night against a different section winner Bethal Park.  Determined not to go home the Raiders came to play.  Even though they lost the first two games they lost by two points in each game.  These games were fiercely competitive.

Only one game from elimination the Raiders gave themselves that extra push that they needed to win the third game.  Finally in the fourth game the Raiders fought through their exhaustion and make it 23 to 23.  Then the last two points were scored by Bethal Park, and they advanced to the next round, but ended the Raiders’ season.

The Seneca Valley Raiders surpassed all expectations for themselves and made it to not just to the playoffs, but to the quarterfinals of the WPIAL playoffs.