Cross Country Team Is Running In a Blaze

Alex Risch, Staff Writer

On October 25, 2012 the cross country WPIAL race occurred; this race however was very unique. During the race the temperature was a whopping 82 degrees.  This is unbearably hot when running for three miles. Runners began to pass out after the race due to the extreme heat. The three ambulances on site were not enough to rush all the heat exhausted participants to the hospital. Makeshift care was made by taking ice and placing it in tents. Senior Ben Nickel stated “This was one of the worst races of WPIAL that has ever happened.” He also recalls a racer behind him collapsing from the heat only meters away from the finish line.

However through the heat Nickel and Freshman Lauren Sauer were able to qualify for the state championship race which is taking place in Hershey, PA, this Saturday, November 3. After the blazer last week, the runners will have to face the marshy conditions left by Superstorm Sandy. Ben Nickel had this to say about the upcoming race: “I am very excited to compete in States and I am very glad I took this opportunity to participate in cross country.”