Tennis Talk with Coach Wick

Melissa John, Staff Writer

Very seldom do other fall sports get the same recognition as the typical Friday night football game. Girls’ tennis, a fall sport taken very seriously here at Seneca Valley, is one of these underrecognized activities.

The JV coach, Kristin Wick, sat down for an interview with me as I asked her about the current 2012 girls’ tennis season. She explained how there weren’t any captains on the team; however, she noted some key players such as Savanna Grinder, Sydney Ziatek, and Victoria Zolek. Wick proceeded to explain how there have been many and definite improvements to this year’s team, yet there is also plenty of room to grow for future seasons. “I am excited to see all the changes to be made for next year in order to keep on improving,” Wick said.

Wick went into detail about how the girls have been playing very well, but just like any normal high school, there are always those hard to beat opposing rivals. North Allegheny and Pine Richland could be described as “tough to win” matches, yet Wick kept a positive perspective on the NA match scheduled for October 1.

With all of this talk about tennis, I felt compelled to get the whole “play-by-play” on Wick’s tennis playing background. Before coaching here at Seneca Valley, Wick was a tennis lover throughout her high school years when she played #1 singles for Butler. She even went on to play for Penn State’s travel club team. 

This being Wick’s second year as coach, she only has the highest hopes for what’s to come in the future.  “I am excited to be a part of [the tennis team], and more importantly to be able to help teach it.”