Self-Love: A Valentine’s Day Story

Leanne Abel, Contributor

Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday. Well, in my opinion, it is. People buy each other gifts, cards, chocolate, etc. for no reason. And for us single people, it’s just another holiday where you can’t go out or do anything. All the couples are going to see movies, eating fancy dinners, blah, blah, blah. We get it. You’re together. Can we move on?

“Sydney? Are you ready to go?” My mom asks as I look up from my journal.

“I don’t want to go, Mom,” I tell her. “I really don’t see the point. You can, though. I’ll just sit home and watch a sad movie.” My mom sighs.

“I made reservations, and you know how hard it is to get them on Valentine’s Day.”

I shrug.

“Why don’t you just ask some random guy to go with you?” I whine. “You got, like, six numbers at a PTO meeting last week.” She lets out a little smile, but then quickly gets rid of it because now is not the time to brag about that.

“Honey. You are my daughter, and I want to go to dinner on the day of love with the person I love the most.”

Again, I sigh. She always has to play the “single mother” card.

“…fine. But I still need to pick out what I’m going to wear,” I explain. Her face lights up.

“Oh, I found something for you!” She replies. I grunt and roll over on my bed. My mom laughs and sits on my bed with me.

“Are you sure I’m not adopted?”

.           .           .

“There is NO way I am wearing this!” I say as I stand in my room wearing a dress that makes me feel naked compared to sweatpants. My mom clasps her hands.

“You look so beautiful, Sydney,” she tells me. “You should dress like this more often.” I make a face.

“Absolutely not,” I respond. “I don’t even want to leave the house wearing this one time. You’re not getting another one out of me.”

“Oh, come on,” Mom says as she drags me out of my room and shoos me out of the house while she finds her car keys. As I stand outside, I see a reflection of myself in a puddle made from melted snow. My mom was right; I do look pretty good. That’s when I realize that I am not going to become my mother. I will never go to bars or meetings looking for a boyfriend. I don’t need to look for anyone because I have myself. If anyone wants to appreciate me, then maybe.

But I don’t need a man. I love myself. Especially today. Because Valentine’s Day is the best holiday.