Seneca Valley Welcomes New English Teacher Ms. Doyle

Krist Muñoz-Malavé, Staff Writer

Ms. Alison Doyle is Seneca Valley’s newest English teacher and to welcome her to our school the newspaper conducted an interview with her. To start our journey into discovering our new teacher, we delved into the past and talked about where she grew up as well as where she has been located before her arrival at Seneca Valley.

“I’m from Michigan and I went to Michigan State University for school. After college, I moved to Chicago, and that’s where I started teaching. I was in Chicago for two years teaching high school as well as working as a reading specialist teaching younger children how to read, then I moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,  and that’s where I’ve been for three years where I taught outside of Harrisburg in the rural area. Now I’m here, and it is where I plan to stay and stop moving,” she informed.

Considering travel has been a huge part of Ms. Doyle’s life, we wondered what the differences between where she’s been and  Seneca Valley as well as her thoughts on the school.

“It’s different compared to where I was but I really like it. I enjoy the big school, that’s how I grew up, and everyone seems so nice, and the school and the community seems really focused on making sure that you guys as students have the materials and the resources that you need which makes it easier and more fun as a teacher,” Ms. Doyle answered.

Now that the Ms. Doyle has become a part of the Seneca Valley family, we were curious as to exactly what her plans and goals were considering she previously mentioned making this area her permanent home.

Doyle then told us, “I think for me personally the goal is to become rooted in a community so I can feel like I’m a part of a community and I can see the progression as kids grow up and move through school. I also just want to keep being a better teacher. That’s my goal to be surrounded by other teachers and by kids that can help me be better,” she then continued on to talk about her mindset towards teaching the students. “I want to make sure they have fun and that students have the skills that they need to be successful whether they’re going off to college or a tech school or just straight into the work force. As the teacher in their lives I want to make sure that they’re prepared for that.”

It’s quite clear that Ms. Doyle shares a love for the Seneca Valley District as she left us with a quote praising the school, “The opportunities that you all have with the electives and the varied coursework makes a huge difference. You guys have the opportunity to come to school every day and be excited about things because there is choice. You get to choose electives and you get to choose languages, and that creates a more fun environment which then feeds off the teachers. For me, it’s exciting to come and know that I am working with kids that are getting to pursue their dreams.”