Vaccines made available for SV teachers

Vaccines made available for SV teachers

Megan Holby , Contributor

Many teachers at SV have received their Covid-19 vaccinations these past few weeks; however, students will not be able to receive the vaccine until later this year. The school has been trying to facilitate administration of the vaccine as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Administration worked very hard at getting teachers vaccinated quickly. I can understand that there is a time for everything and that more research and trials need to occur before children are able to get the vaccination,” said English teacher Cheri Mihalik. “I’m so excited for that day when students can, as I can’t wait for students to be able to do the things they want to do.”

Many students are excited to see that the teacher vaccinations are getting under way. It is one step towards safer and healthier classrooms here at SV.

“Teachers being vaccinated makes me feel so much better about the safety of my classes. I feel more comfortable working in the class knowing that they are taking measures to prevent the spread,” said Freshman Lydia Miller.

Students will not be able to get the vaccine until later this year, unless they have a pre-existing condition that makes them more vulnerable.

“I think there are many people who should be prioritized over us, and I’m not worried that we are getting it later if it means others who are in more danger are safe.” said Freshman Abby Bonno.

Despite the fact that students are low on the vaccination list, they aren’t complaining. The government is prioritizing based on people’s needs and what kind of role they play in society. The distance between the first and last groups allows for plenty of time to improve upon the vaccine, and their methods of distribution.

“I am not too bothered considering that we are at the lowest risk of detrimental effects of the virus. I feel much safer at school knowing that our teachers, who see hundreds of students per day and are at higher risk, are vaccinated.” said Freshman Friyana Sepai.