Seneca Valley launches a genetics lab

Jemima Roeckmann, Staff Writer

Mr. Lavelle, a biology teacher in the Seneca Valley Intermediate High School, started the SV Genetics Lab for the 2017-2018 school year. The lab will include advanced research in the study of genetics.

One student who is involved with the lab program is junior Katie Clark. Clark acts as the lab manager, a role in which she keeps track of the inventory and joining members. She also gets access to all the lab technology.

As to monetary concerns, the school district will provide the proper fundings for the SV Genetics Lab.

“The purpose of the lab is to expand students in Seneca Valley’s knowledge of genetics,” said Clark. She also stated that a lab like this one is rare in high school environments  and that it may even be the only high school genetics lab in the state of Pennsylvania.

The lab manager of the new program even commented, “It includes labs that are completed in junior/senior year of college and technology that is revolutionary.  This is such a positive addition to our school because students will have access to abundant amounts of knowledge and a hands on experience that they wouldn’t receive until they reach the college level.”

With this technological and revolutionary addition to the district, it is obvious that Seneca Valley is a step ahead of the game.