Preparing for prom

SV Seniors begin preparing for their big night in April

Preparing for prom

Sarah Ierino, Staff Writer

The 2017 Seneca Valley Senior Prom will be here before we know it, and the seniors are starting– or not starting– their preparation for the big night.

When it comes to prom, there are a lot of things that go into it. There is the question of where you will eat, who will be in your group, what style dress to wear, or better yet what color dress to wear, how to style your hair, what type of flowers should you get, and so much more. Given everything that needs to be thought out, where are some of the girls from Seneca on their prom planning?

Senior Anna Sullivan rates her prom readiness at a solid three on a scale from not at all ready, which is one, to super ready, which is ten. She has yet to get her dress but will in the future. The thing she is most excited for about prom is the dancing aspect of it. She said if there was one thing she was the most nervous about when it comes to prom, it would be finding a date that makes her the most uneasy.

Senior Caila Rentz rates her prom readiness at a rather high six. She went and picked out her dress in mid-February which has taken away from some of the nerves. Caila’s favorite thing about her dress is the straps on it and the simplicity of the style of dress. She is most excited for being at Stage AE even despite her lack of interest in school dances. She is most nervous about her friends having a good time and just wants everyone to have fun.

Senior Megan Culpepper rates her prom readiness at a low two. She has yet to find her perfect dress but continues to search. The one thing she is most excited for is the dancing the night away, but she is most nervous about not being able to fit into her dress that she decides to get on the big day.

Senior Caroline Foley rates her prom readiness at a comfortable five. Caroline was about to snag her perfect prom dress mid- January and loves the beautiful navy color of it. The two things Caroline is most excited for about prom is the dinner before and just being able to get all dressed up. What makes her the most nervous though is finding that special someone to go with.

With prom just around the corner, it’s officially that time to start planning for the big night. Despite some fears some girls may have, this night is dedicated to having fun and enjoying time with your friends. Don’t stress over the little details, it’s who your surround yourself that will make your prom the best night of your high school experience.