New SV Coalition formed in IHS and SHS


Katie Clark, Staff Writer

Seneca Valley is starting a new motivating organization that focuses on students in the Senior High and Intermediate High Schools called the SV Coalition.

The SV Coalition is a supplement to the CARE Program that takes place during Activity Period every Tuesday.  CARE helps to teach Seneca students the importance of being a leader in your community and preventing bullying.  By introducing the Coalition, students will be introduced to fun, uplifting activities outside of their normal CARE classrooms.

Seventeen member of the Coalition have been chosen by teachers and administrators at school who noticed positive, outgoing students that are eager to make a difference.  As the organization grows, more students will be able to join; however, the group will remain small until it is ready to expand.

Group member, Samantha Condrick, is a sophomore at the Intermediate High School.  When asked about her goals for the Coalition, Condrick replied that she wishes that, “the kids who walk in the hallways by themselves every period have friends and are able to find the other kid that walks by themselves, so they can walk together.”

The idea to bring the Coalition to Seneca Valley was encouraged by the building principals, Dr. Delp and Mr. Korcinsky, as well as the Dean of Students, Mr. Butschle.  Mr. Korcinsky originally sent a group of student to a conference last year where Mike Smith, a motivational speaker and ambassador, shared the idea of creating a Coalition within their own schools.

The students within the Senior High then reached out to Dr. Delp and spread the concept to the Intermediate building.  Members of the Coalition hope to involve students in the middle schools with the organization as well.

The SV Coalition sponsored the Random Acts of Kindness calendar for December that encourages student and staff to do one nice thing every day for the entire month, as well as “High- Five Fridays” to spread happiness and a smile on the last day of the week. The group is currently planning additional events to take place soon at both schools, but are keeping their ideas a secret from the rest of the school.

“It’s kind of a non-disclosure,” Condrick said while laughing, “We want it to be a surprise, but they are all really cool and I’m very happy to see what will come along with them.  I am excited to see what we can demonstrate for the school and do for the students!”