SV Diversity Committee prepared for the 2017 school year

Tommy Conroy, Staff Writer

The Seneca Valley Diversity Committee is prepared to promote their message of equality in the 2017 school year.

The Diversity Committee has one simple goal: Enhancing the sense of community among students by accepting and welcoming the things that make us different.

However, the Committee doesn’t just welcome the things that make us different. They go one step further and celebrate these differences. They appreciate and acknowledge that at the end of the day, people are people.. We all feel the same emotions and have similar desires, and no one should be ostracized for being who they truly are.

“Diversity means embracing differences, your culture, traditions, race, sexual orientation, activities, and everything that makes you, you,” says Committee Chairperson Taylor Tomczak. “It’s all about accepting people for who they truly are.”

Just recently, the Committee has inducted new members to assist in spreading their cause. The Committee’s completely altruistic intentions cement it a place in Seneca’s extracurricular activities, one that it definitely deserves. To those who come from different backgrounds, or live alternative lifestyles, the Committee provides an outlet for them to feel more welcome.

In the past, the Committee has organized many activities and events to spread their message. They were the ones behind the “I Am” messages which were posted all around the school, which worked out very well. They arranged a cultural fair at the Cranberry Municipal Center, giving students of various backgrounds a way to inform others on the facets of their respective cultures.

The event was such a success that the Committee has been invited back this year for another cultural fair.

Along with another cultural fair, the Committee has many events planned to further enrich the school district. They intend on going to Evans City and visiting elementary classes to do activities involving stereotypes with the young students. They also aim to create a separate Committee in the Middle School.

It is of the utmost certainty that having the Committee as a part of the clubs that Seneca offers does wonders to make a wide range of students feel more accepted, and more unified.

“I think the Committee has opened a new door for Seneca,” stated Tomczak. “We’re showing how it doesn’t matter how different you may feel, we will accept you. We all have differences; we’re just promoting a way to make people feel safe being different.”