STUCO and A Breakfast that Benefits

Bradley Hart, Staff Writer

At this time of the year student’s thoughts turn from school and homework towards Christmas break and snow.  People are excited about getting together with their families, exchanging gifts with each other, and having a big Christmas dinner. 

As people’s minds turn to these happy thoughts, there are those within the school district that are unable to put food on their table.  Without the ability to give even a small Christmas dinner to their families, Christmas won’t be the same for these unfortunate people.

When word of this reached the Student Council, they decided to step in and help. 

It was decided that the best way to help these families that were in need was to set up a breakfast in the Senior High School entrance for everyday from December 7 all of the way to December 21.

At their table in the mornings before school people can purchase a variety of breakfast foods such as, doughnuts, muffins, and fruit snacks. 

Many of the foods that were brought in were made at home by the members of Student Council or purchased with their own money.  The remainder of the food was donated by local stores such as Giant Eagle.

On Friday the14 and on the following Friday, Student Council will set up grills and make fresh pancakes in the morning for students. 

The money that is collected from the breakfasts will go towards food gift cards that will be mailed to the families that are in need of a little help putting food on their tables this holiday season.