Recent Bomb Threat In IHS Causes Administration to Cancel Activities

Alex Risch, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 18, there was a bomb threat in the Intermediate High School. The threat was left in a classroom and threatened that the boom would go off during the late afternoon after the school day.

The district took many safety precautions in dealing with this threat. All extracurricular activities were canceled that day. The Jackson Township Police were involved as well. The police did a sweep of the school and deemed that it was safe. The school day is continued as normal the next day; however, all the staff is keeping a high level of awareness to ensure the safety of the students.

Investigation of the threat is ongoing. The district is checking the surveillance to attempt to find the culprit of the threat. The culprit faces a $10,000 fine and up to 5 years in a detention facility. Superintendent Dr. Vitale stated that safety for students and staff is always the first priority.