The Ultimate Dream: Ultimate Frisbee Coming to SV?

Liam Millroy

Ultimate Frisbee is an up and coming recreational sport that has hit Seneca Valley students in the past year.  Most high schools in Western Pennsylvania have Ultimate Frisbee as a school club/sport.  Seneca Valley is one of the few in this area that doesn’t.  Hopefully in the next year that can change.

Senior Alex Risch has attempted to create an Ultimate Frisbee team for the school by having weekly practices every Thursday night since last spring, with up for 30 people playing each week.  He has created a gathering of students interested in participating in this sport.  When asked about his Ultimate Frisbee hopes, he said “We hope to establish a team that will not only be successful this year, but one that can continue after we graduate”.  Risch has taken action to make the team official and has high hopes that it will happen.

It is a common spring sport, and if the team can get approval, they will be able to compete this season.  Many students are looking forward to the possibility of a team in a sport that they enjoy but haven’t been able to compete in up until now.