Seneca Valley Changes Grading Scale for the 2012-12 School Year

Nicole Jelinek, Entertainment Editor

The Seneca Valley School District has officially enacted their plan to change the grading scale for the district, and it is in place for the start of the 2012-2013 school year.

The district adopted the scale where 90 percent and above equates to an A, 80 to 89 percent for a B, 70 to 79 percent a C, 60 to 69 percent a D and 59 percent and lower is failing.

The previous grading scale required pupils to attain a 92 percent or higher for an A, 83 to 91 percent for a B, 74 to 82 percent for a C, 65 to 73 percent for a D and 64 percent or lower is failing.

Last February the superintendent, Dr. Tracy Vitale, said “the proposed change would conform to other districts in the region. A committee formed to study the grade scale issue looked at 11 other districts and found only two others followed the grade scale now used by Seneca Valley.”

The change this year is to make pupils more competitive for college admission and scholarships, help athletes meet NCAA regulations and improve general motivation.