Student Section 2.0

John Madeira, Staff Writer

With the 2012-2013 school year comes a variety of new beginnings and clean slates, most notably for the student section.

With the new school year come a few new rules for the students to abide by, including a ban on the “smuts” chant (primarily used at varsity basketball games), no standing against the fence or on the bleachers for the football games among others.

Student section leaders for this year, Derek Finney, Tyler Blinn, Sam Fragale, and all the others have not let this affect the spirit of the student section.

The “King” of the student section Finney said about the changes to the rules, “I don’t like them at all. I understand that there are safety issues with standing on the actual seats, but I’d like to at least be able stand in that front row.”

Senior High School Principal Mr. Korcinsky said about the changes “Safety was our primary concern. We’ve got broken bleachers from previous years and theres alot of wooden ones. We thought about taking the bleacher completely out so the students could stand. And the fence is also bent from the years of leaning against it, which poses yet another safety problem.”

The biggest restriction being laid on the student section this year is the banning of the “smuts” chant.

Finney said about the new “no smuts” rule: “I also don’t like that too much. The smut chant has been a tradition for longer than I’ve been able to even be in the student section. I understand the sportsmanship aspect of it, but I’d still like to be able to use it. We have a lot of other chants that will work though, so it’s not the end of the world.”

Mr. Korcinsky  said about the “no smuts” rule change “Its just not apropriate. It’s precieved as something else and in the spirit of sportmanship we decided it is inaprorpiate and shouldn’t be used.”

Despite the chnages to rules and students feelings, Mr. Korcinsky has commended the students on their school spirit and their attendence at school sporting events.

Despite all the new rules the students must follow, that hasn’t dampened their school spirit. Senior football player Carson Kessler said “The energy from the student section is incredible! It’s nice to know that your classmates and friends are there to support you when you’re out on the field. They’re a big part of Friday nights and Raider football.”

Finney has also not been discouraged about the changes

He said “Ever since I was appointed king of the student section, I’ve been looking forward to football and basketball season. I love being able to watch my friends out there playing their game and dominating, and being able to lead all the chants. It’s a nice responsibility. This year has been good so far with wins against Butler and Pine Richland, and I don’t doubt that Seneca Valley football has the ability to bring home a WPIAL championship.”