High school band Inbound works on official album


Chloe Ruffennach, Staff writer

Seneca Valley Senior High School students Nate Cooper, Alex Carter, Nolan Allen, Mike Trauman, and Alex Restauri are all a part of a high school band named Inbound, who currently working on releasing their first album soon.

Inbound started out in 2014 as the typical teenage garage band pounding away at the drums and strumming a few guitars in an attempt to find a sound that worked. They started playing in drummer Nolan Allen’s garage and over time they developed their own sound and moved on from covering other band’s songs to developing their own music and original songs. Now, this “garage band” has several performances under their belt and are well on their way to producing their own album.

The band was originally created by a closely knit group of friends back in June of 2014. Initially, the group went by the name Third Wheel and their current guitarist, Alex Carter, was not a part of the group at the time. Instead, Zach Crastley was one of the primary guitarists of the band, at first. But the band soon adopted the name “Inbound” after Crastley left the band to focus more on work and spending time with his family, and Alex Carter was added to the group in his position as guitarist.

Lead singer Mike Trauman spoke on the subject and said, “When Zach left, the rest of us knew that we still wanted to make music. The issue that presented itself was that Zach is a phenomenal guitarist and a loss for the band. We, as a band, thought we’d try to have a single guitarist for a while. Then the idea was tossed around that I play guitar. We asked a few friends if they wanted to fill the vacancy, but we had no luck until we asked Alex Carter. I think it’s safe to say that it was the best choice we could have made. Carter is influenced by heavier music, and is extremely skilled in music in general. Our music has started to sound a little heavier as Alex Carter and I enjoy a good scream every now and then. Regardless, there are no hard feelings over Zach leaving. We are grateful for his friendship and musicianship. “

Since then, the group of five have been creating original music together that transcends genre and is not pigeonholed by a particular topic or muse. While most of their songs do follow the subject of teenage love and angst, they pride themselves on having created their music from true, raw experiences of their own.

Inbound is not claimed by a specific genre. As described by bassist, Nate Cooper, Inbound’s sound is “a raw blend of punk roots with alternative vibes “. Their sound reflects older bands like Green Day, Nirvana, the Killers and My Chemical Romance. Cooper even suggests the band is influenced by some aspects of “80s pop rock” and some Bon Jovi.

Inbound is currently working to record their self-titled EP which is set to come out shortly after Easter. Their EP will feature tracks including “Into the Factory”, “Ice Blue Eyes”, “Little”, “Ghosts”, and “Goodbye Sunlight”.

Speaking on their upcoming EP, guitarist Alex Restauri commented, “It’s a great learning experience for all of us and I’m really excited to contribute.”

Their album, on the other hand, is currently untitled and as of now has no planned release date. However, it is set to feature four more songs than on their EP.

According to the band, both their album and EP will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and will also be sold on CDs, as well. They are also currently working on planning a performance at either Northbridge Church or The Smiling Moose, but according to Nate Cooper the band wants to finish their EP before they perform anywhere.


Band’s official website: http://inboundpgh.wix.com/inbound#!about/cadp

Band’s Instagram: http://www.online-instagram.com/user/inbound.pgh/1384407683


(Photo provided by inboundpgh.wix.com)