A New New Year


Leanne Abel

SV students celebrate the New Year

Leanne Abel , Contributor

SV students celebrate the New Year (Leanne Abel )

There are many people who worry about a new year, others who could not care less. For some, it is a chance to become a better version of themselves. Other people believe that it is just another year where the world spins another time.

For Seneca Valley, it likely means more big changes. There are many things still to come this school year –  graduation, prom, spring trips, spring sports, the musical, and the play. But, as exciting as these things may be, we are still allowed to be excited about everything that is now behind us.

Seneca was able to have the first normal prom and graduation last year since 2022. The All-School musical was normal, sports were able to happen as they regularly do, and the masks went away. If you believe that every year is just another year that you are here, think about all the amazing things that are happening around you. Every year is a different year when things could change, for the better or for the worse, and you should be ready to face those challenges.

So as everyone prepares to try and make resolutions that won’t last or try to start new chapters of their lives, think about the great things that you have just accomplished. We are allowed to be proud of the things from the past and let those accomplishments move us forward in our lives.

Be excited for 2023! You never know what could happen that might surprise you.