Democratic National Committee left embarrassed by proof of corruption, moves forward unaffected


Matt Di Michele, Staff Writer

Amid a presidential election that becomes more unbelievable at every turn, many Americans are truly sick and tired of hearing out the terrifyingly inept leadership skills that have been displayed by the two major parties this election cycle. But the madness continues this week with the revelation that Hillary Clinton illegally received debate questions prior to the actual debate from CNN correspondents themselves.

As unpredictable as Donald Trump’s rise to political prominence has been, Hillary Clinton’s roller coaster ride of a campaign has been equally enthralling to a non-partisan viewer. The most recent scandal that has erupted via a series of “WikiLeaks” releases is one regarding the notion that the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, rigged debates for Hillary Clinton to win the party’s primary over Bernie Sanders.

And while Donald Trump’s assertions that the election between him and former Secretary of State Clinton may be rigged may not be rooted in too much factual information, the idea that the DNC corrupted its primary debates is a fairly inarguable one.

E-mails that were shared with the public in late October by the aforementioned “WikiLeaks” organization included a communication between DNC chairperson Donna Brazile and Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri, according to CNN’s official website itself.

The subject line of one e-mail in particular, sent by Brazile, said that, “From time to time I get the questions in advance”. Brazile then proceeded to feed the debate question at hand to Clinton and then went on to continue the practice as she would be caught later having sent: “I’ll send a few more”.

The extremely troubling conflict of interest is worsened by the fact that Brazile was somehow able to serve as DNC chairperson while also working for CNN, which seems absolutely ludicrous considering how the power she held in one position could only further her power in the other. This major conflict of interest has gone practically undetected as well.

But it unfortunately seems as though Brazile’s resignation from CNN may be the only consequence from this blatant disrespect for the democratic process. Much how like people still find themselves supporting Donald Trump even after learning about the horrible things that he has done, the general populous will inevitably not care about any of the objectively wrong practices being carried out by our nation’s “leaders”.

Even Bernie Sanders, the renegade politician whom the DNC cheated out of a proper primary race, has yet to retract his support from Hillary or even denounce the DNC’s unethical puppeteering of the important election. He is still campaigning for her, further proving the notion that no amount of corruption or malignant practices can stifle the major parties from abusing their power over the American people.