Why Airpods Are a Waste of Money, Time, and Tech


Luke Ryan, Staff Writer

With the new iPhone 7 coming out, there is a lot of controversy over the omission of the headphone jack. But has anyone stopped to really think about Apple’s replacement, the Airpods?

In short, the Airpods look like you took a normal pair of Apple earbuds and cut the cord off of them and connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.  They are a pretty interesting idea on paper, but there are a few basic design and implication flaws to be pointed out.

First, as with any wireless device, the Airpods need to be charged after 5 hours of use. You charge them via the case that they come in, which requires to be charged itself and then can dispense 24 hours worth of charge to the Airpods.

Wait, what?

I have to charge…my charger? Seems like it, but that’s just a minor problem. I can just keep the charger plugged in all the time.

Now, I have these two small earbuds, worth $159. Wait scratch that, I only have one of them because they’re both super small and stupidly easy to lose. But never fear! I’m sure Apple can replace it, right?

“Apple says that if AirPods are lost or stolen, you’ll have to buy new ones, just like any other Apple product.” -Business Insider

Oh. Well, that’s okay because I only lost one and Apple sells them individually, too!

Hmm…Apple is selling a product that a consumer is meant to buy a pair of, individually. It’s almost like they want us to lose them!

Regardless of any of these selling points, it is still certain that the Airpods will sell out in hours the day they release to the public because as much as we may disagree with their decisions, Apple is still a very large company with a very large group of fans. All we can really do is hope they eventually get another man like Steve Jobs into power in the business so they can start making technology to make the world easier, not their pockets heavier.