American rock band reacts to attacks in Paris


Matt Di Michele, Staff Writer

The “Eagles of Death Metal”, the band that was playing a concert at the Le Bataclan theater in Paris the night that the concert hall was attacked by extremist terrorists, have reacted to the horrifying situation in many different ways.

After the devastating attack on November 13th took the lives of 89 people in the theater alone, the band has had to deal with the traumatic experience while still attempting to move forward, much like the rest of those affected. But the band’s position in the public eye has left them in a vulnerable position following their concert that ended in bloodshed.

While most members of the band and its associates miraculously escaped the theater alive, the group’s merchandising associate Nick Alexander unfortunately passed away during the attack according to CNN. Alexander, who had worked with many other famous bands such as Panic! at the Disco and the Black Keys during their respective European tours, was only 36 years old when he lost his life. He was also one of the first of the 130 victims to be identified after the city-wide conflict subsided.

When the rock group first publically responded to the Parisian attacks via an interview with Vice, they praised Alexander’s heroism during his final moments. Lead singer Jesse Hughes stated that Nick protected others by remaining silent after being injured, so as to not alert the attackers to the friends and fans around him during the terroristic act.

The press release also saw the band-members discuss their plans moving forward. They stressed that they would not give up on their musical aspirations in order to honor the people who died. This reaction of wishing to continue to progress has ushered in  a wave of support for the group. An online campaign that began only shortly after November 13th had fans vying to push the band’s track, “Save a Prayer”, a cover of a Duran Duran song, to the top of the charts. Forbes has stated that the song had already reached #1 on rock charts for both iTunes’ and Amazon’s websites after only a short time.

The Eagles of Death Metal have even called out to other musical groups to help support those affected by the tragedy. They have proposed to other artists the idea of covering their song “I Love You All the Time”. Artist Josh Homme told the Rolling Stone that “For every cover sold, we pledge to donate 100 percent of the publishing income to The Sweet Stuff Foundation”. This “Play it Forward” campaign is set to donate to the charity that will in turn support victims of the terrorism in France.