McDonald’s Unveils All-Day Breakfast Menu Due to Popular Demand

McDonalds Unveils All-Day Breakfast Menu Due to Popular Demand

Matt Di Michele, Staff Writer

Ever since the company’s founding in 1940, McDonald’s has had a separate breakfast menu for early morning customers as opposed to their lunch and dinner lineup. But history changed on Tuesday in McDonald’s all over the world when breakfast began to be served all day long.

The fast food chain has always had a soft spot for its customers’ requests, so it was not too big of a surprise when the company first announced their new plan in early September. The jump from 2 menus to one 24/7 menu has been being tested in certain locations since March, according to the Wall Street Journal. The move will introduce such fan-favorites as the “Egg McMuffin” and “Sausage Biscuit” options to eaters before and now after roughly 10:30 A.M., which was the approximate time that the breakfast menu used to make way for McDonald’s lunch and dinner menu, according to the Huffington Post.

McDonald’s, a brand recognized worldwide and one that has served billions of dollars worth of food since its inception, is undergoing this change at an important financial time for the business. CEO Steve Easterbrook first took control of McDonald’s back in March of 2015, after profits had been declining for some years. CNN Money stated that the decline had escalated above 15% over the last year of the previous CEO’s reign and that Easterbrook needed some new ideas to revitalize the chain’s profits.

Easterbrook decided to look to the public in order to plan his next move. The first place that his company looked for customer feedback was social media, especially Twitter. reports that over 330,00 Tweets total have regarded the all-day breakfast change since the idea began to flourish, and McDonald’s plans to respond to about 88,000 of those accounts thanking them for their support and helpfulness.

But now that over 14,00 individual restaurants have begun serving breakfast after 10:30 A.M., concerns have been raised regarding the options given to McDonald’s customers. CNBC reports that many locations are offering only a limited selection for breakfast meals. Some of these McDonald’s restaurants have chosen to only serve biscuits and not “McMuffins”, while others decided to only serve “McMuffins” while allowing their customers to miss out on biscuits during the new hours.

The menu makeover has not been the only way McDonald’s has altered its everyday operations, however. In order to further increase profits, the company has also been changing “to keep up with the times,” General Manger Kerri Wilmeth told KY3 News of Springfield, Illinois. Her McDonald’s restaurant is just one of many to have undertaken the many changes being instituted by the company, including building renovations and new kiosks to assist customers in their ordering.

All of these changes have given the McDonald’s corporation a completely new look, and a more profitable revenue stream that the company is sure to love.