CIA Agent Arrested in Moscow

Alex Risch, Staff Writer

News has come out from Russia that a CIA operative was trying to recruit a Russian security officer as a spy.

The operative was carrying a letter offering the security officer “up to $1 million a year for long-term cooperation.” The letter was signer “Your friends.”

When the operative was caught he was carrying two wigs, a blond one which was being held on by a baseball cap, and also a brown one which held a compass on the inside.

This CIA operative was identified as Ryan C. Fogle. Fogle had officially been posted as the third secretary of the political department of the United States Embassy in Russia. After his capture the government of Russia declared him “persona non grata.”  When a person is declared persona non grata, that person is then officially seen as unacceptable and is then usually recalled back to their home nation.

Something peculiar about this entire event is the fact that the Russian Federal Security Service, or F.S.B., took a video showing the arrest of Fogle.

President Vladmir V. Putin had long been suspicious of the US working to undermine him, due to the incident with Fogle last Tuesday.  It is hard to tell if this will damage relations between the two countries.

This incident seems to be in the wrong decade and this event of espionage should have been in the time of the Cold War rather than in current times.