5 Dead After Appartment Shooting in Washington

5 Dead After Appartment Shooting in Washington

Michala McCullough, Editor in Chief

A 28-year-old man shot and killed his girlfriend inside their apartment in Federal Way, south of Seattle. He then went on a rampage that ended in his own death and that of three other men.

Police Chief Brian Wilson of Federal Way told the Associated Press Monday that officers were investigating a 911 call at the apartment and were confronted in the stairway by the man with a shotgun.

Police fired at the man but the suspect then fled to a nearby parking lot. They then found the man on the ground, and opened fire when he reached for a handgun. The suspect died at the scene. Neither the suspect nor the victims have been identified at this time.

The police believe the suspect shot his girlfriend and left their apartment. He then argued with two men and fatally shot them both, authorities said. A third man went outside to investigate then retreated inside his residence after urging others to call 911. The police believe the suspect broke down the third man’s door with a shotgun and killed him.