A Potential Treatment Found to Cure Cancer

Nicole Jelinek, Entertainment Editor

For years, the race to find a cure for cancer has been the goal of scientists and health care professionals everywhere. Now, in the war to fight cancer, the New York Post has reported that a ‘miracle drug’ has been found and has reportedly killed every type of cancer tumor it has came into contact with.

When investigated by Science Magazine, the drug is reported to block a protein called CD47 that is a ‘do not eat’ signal to the immune system. The CD47 proteins normally made by healthy blood cells and is not really a ‘good’ thing for the body.

A research team at Stanford University discovered that cancer cells produced a large amount of the protein, which then tricks the immune system into not destroying harmful cells.

With this new knowledge, the team built an antibody that can block the CD47 protein, so that the body’s immune system is able to attack the dangerous cells.

According to the New York Post and other researchers, this drug has yet to be tested in humans, but it has been tested in other animals. The main outbreak was found by testing mice.

Researchers used this new antibody with mice who had human breast, colon, ovary, bladder, liver, brain, and prostate tumors planted into them. In every test, when the antibody was put into them, the immune system of the mice was able to kill cancer cells.