Ex-Con Kills His Grandparents After “Welcome Home from Prison” Party.

Megan O'Leary, Staff Writer

The morning of March 12 was an eventful one when Oregon police had a non-violent stand off and capture with ex-con, Michael Boysen, out front of a Portland motel. Boysen was suspected of killing his grandparents that previous Friday night, just hours after his release from prison on burglary charges.

Friday morning, Boysen was picked up from a Washington Prison by his grandparents, Robert and Norma Taylor, and was taken back to their Seattle home. That is where he was greeted by a coming home party from the grandparents and a few supporting family members.  That was the last time the Taylors were seen alive.

The Taylors were found dead the next morning, and Boysen was gone. The manhunt began. Boysen had taken the Taylors car and was driving south, also suspected to be looking for a gun show.  An alert was sent out to the media that Boysen was “Extremely Dangerous”, while the rest of the Boysen’s close family was put into protective custody.

“We are at a loss as to why he killed them,” the King County sheriff, John Urquhart said at the news conference. “We don’t know what the motive is.” While searching for Boysen, investigators discovered that he had threatened his grandparents’ lives once before, in prison.

Monday night, Boysen checked in to an Oregon motel using his real name and paying in cash. The desk clerk said she did not notice Boysen until Tuesday morning when she turned on Good Morning America and saw his face on the news. She called Police right away.
No gunfire was use to get Boysen out of the motel room, when SWAT team stormed in and took Boysen into custody. Boysen was injured but was deemed that it was self inflicted before the raid.