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Venezuelan President Dies

On Tuesday, March 5, the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez passed away after a massive heart.  Chavez had been struggling with cancer for the past several years and underwent several major surgeries.

Hugo Chavez was a very well-known critic of the United States, calling the US “imperialistic” among other things.  As president Chavez allied himself with many of the United States’ long term enemies such as Iran and Cuba.

His determination to stand against the United States helped him form the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America.  This alliance was made up of countries such as Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua who were all hoping to decrease America’s influence in the Caribbean and South America.

After his death thousands of people around the country came out and showed their sadness at their president’s death.  One of the main things that people have come out and said after the death of Hugo Chavez is their love for him.

The thousands of people who mourn the president also want the continuation of the President’s policies.

These policies included many things that benefited the poor, such as inexpensive health clinics, affordable food staples, and access to higher education.  All of these programs were made possible because of the massive amount of money that the country made from the sale of oil products.

With his death Venezuela will have to try and fill the void that was left by the Hugo Chavez.  For now the vice president was signed in as the interim president until elections are able to be held.

Presidential elections will happen within 30 days and the people will have to decide between two main candidates.  The favorite to win is the current vice president Nicolas Maduro.  Ever since Chavez had to spend more time in the hospital and less time in office Maduro took over most of his responsibilities.

Meanwhile, his opponent will be a favorite of opposition groups, Henrique Capriles.  Capriles lost to Hugo Chavez in the elections that were held in October.

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