Bomb Threat Forces Mars High School to Evacuate

Shannon Turgeon, News Editor

Mars High School in Adams Township was forced to evacuate students and faculty on February 11, after a bomb threat was discovered in the school.

The threat was found on a note in the girls’ locker room around 1:30 P.M. The Mars High School Superintendent, Dr. William Pettigrew, told the Cranberry Patch that details of how the threat was discovered could not be discussed because it is still under police investigation. “Upon notification of the threat, the district immediately contacted Adams Township Police Department,” Pettigrew stated on the district’s website.

Students were sent across Route 228 to the district’s middle school. A student told the Cranberry Eagle that the school announced they would be evacuating after lunch. The student stated that the middle school gymnasium and common area were utilized for the high school’s students and faculty.

The Cranberry Eagle reported that students were transported home by bus. Student drivers were not permitted to take their cars home. Police officers were seen in the school parking lot, checking each car with a bomb-sniffing dog. Students were sent home at the normal time and all after school activities on campus were cancelled.

Parents were notified of the situation as soon as the student body was at the middle school, according to the Cranberry Patch. The district utilized e-mail and an alert system to spread the word. Dr. Pettigrew stated that “The first thing we did was concern ourselves with the safety of the students and all the employees. By the time we got that taken care of, we sent the notice. We were more concerned about making sure the students were safe. ”

Pettigrew also said that there would be an increase of security due to the threat. The school was searched multiple times before re-opening on Tuesday morning.

On February 12, Adams Township police charged the student who was responsible for the threat. Officials would not identify the person, but stated that charges would be managed by the Butler County Juvenile Court.