The iPhone 5 is Here at Last

The iPhone 5 is Here at Last

Bradley Hart, Staff Writer

When people look at the many different types of phones that are out today, there are the Androids and the Galaxy phones which are both very popular, but without doubt one of the most popular, if not the most popular phone,  is the iPhone. The newest phone in the iPhone series is the iPhone 5 which is set to be released in the United States on September 21st.  Eager people have been able to pre-order their new iPhone 5 since September 14th.

As expected the new iPhone will have a wide variety of new features that will allow it to be superior to its predecessors. The iPhone 5 will be 18 percent thinner, 20 percent lighter, and it will also have a higher quality camera. This new camera will allow people to not only take higher quality photos, but it will also allow people take panoramic photos instead of the still shots that people are used to having on their phones.

Apple has also come up with a way to fix one of the most common problems with the old iPhones.  The problem was that people kept dropping their old phones and then the back of the phone would crack or break.

Now, the new back to the iPhone 5 is made up of mostly metal, which will provide the same sleek look as the old phone, but it will be a much stronger phone.  So if people drop their iPhone 5s then the back is much less likely to crack saving people hundreds of dollars trying to fix their phone.

As technology improves at such a fast rate, the speed of new phones is also increasing rapidly and the iPhone 5 is no exception to this.  In the new iPhone 5 there will be an A6 chip which is a smaller version of its predecessor the A5 chip which was in the old iPhones.  Even though it is a smaller size, the A6 chip will perform functions and downloads at almost twice the speed of the old chip.

Despite all of these new and advanced features that have people excited, there are a couple of things that the consumers are complaining about and they are the new connector cable and the size of the phone.

The new iPhone 5 will have to have their own connector cable that will only work on the new iPhones. This means that the old connector cables that worked for both iPods and iPhones alike will not work for the new iPhone 5.  If people buy the new iPhone 5 and already have an iHome or any other Apple product that connects to an iPhone they will have to buy a 30 dollar adaptor for each item to make to new iPhone 5 work.

The reason for the new cable is that Apple decided to make the battery larger in the iPhone 5 because people were complaining that the old iPhones were dying too easily.

Another thing that has people concerned about the new phone is the size of the phone.  The iPhone 5 will be a little bit larger than what the old iPhones were.  This is different than the usual trend of phone getting smaller as they get more advanced.

Even after a few things have people worried about the new iPhone, it is expected that iPhone 5 will be extremely popular and successful.