I-79 Construction

Alex Risch and Liam Millroy

The work on Interstate 79 in between Exit 87 (Zelienople) and Exit 91 (Seneca Valley) is scheduled to be completed sometime in November. The construction has been a bit of a hassle for the morning and after school commutes. It has practically shut down any traffic coming from 79 to the school. This new construction has almost taken away the new ramps that were opened last year.

Senior Alex Markich has this to say about the daily struggle to get to school at a reasonable time: “There is a break in the traffic, between 7 and 7:15 where no traffic comes through Zelienople.” He also says that when leaving school you should either get to your car early or just wait out the traffic.

The construction is to help strengthen the bridges, line repainting, and add new barriers. The construction is to help prevent future closings and deterioration of the structures. The construction is being done on four other bridges and is being completed by Hercules Painting Company, Inc. The construction is planned to be completed early in November, so students don’t have to wait much longer to enjoy the new ramps put in last November.