10 Valentine’s Day DIY gifts and decorations

December is all about Christmas, and January is about brand new beginnings and resolutions. The only thing to look forward to in February is Valentine’s Day, and it only lasts one day. Luckily, you can make Valentine’s Day a little more festive with cool gifts and decorations. The best part is that you can make them yourself!

1.  Mason jars


All you need for this simple decoration is a variety of mason jars and paint in the colors white, red, and pink. Next, you paint little hearts on the jars using a paintbrush or make thumbprint hearts if you do not mind scrubbing your hands afterward. Top off the decoration with some fake flowers. This makes a simple cabinet decoration.

2. Candy garland


There is no denying, we all strung macaroni or candy on string as young children. However, we probably did not realize that the skill could come in handy in the future. You could make a Valentine’s Day garland by stringing candy. Instead of using ordinary candy hearts, you can use heart shaped lollipops with the looped handles.

3. Gumball machine


Whether you make this as a decoration for yourself or a gift for someone else, it will surely satisfy at least someone’s sweet tooth. All you need to make this cute gumball machine is a small flowerpot, a coffee cup lid, a small glass bowl, a craft poof ball and a sewing button. Spray paint the parts if you would like. Assemble by turning the pot upside down and hot gluing the glass bowl, facing right side up, on top. Hot glue the button on to the side of the pot and the poof ball on top of the coffee cup lid. Fill up the bowl with Hershey kisses and place the lid on top.

4. Personalized gift basket


This is perhaps one of the least skill demanding skill gift ideas. All you need for this is a basket in the size of your choice. Then you fill it up with some popcorn, favorite candy, a Valenine’s Day movie, and any other nick knacks you would like to fill it. This is personalized and can be altered for all different types of personalities.

5. Fifty-two reasons why I like/love you


This one is also simple because all you need is a deck of cards and a sharpie. On each card, write one reason why you care about the person you are giving this gift to.

6. Marshmallow pops bouquet


Girls like flowers, but they actually like food even more. Combine the two, and you have the perfect gift. To make marshmallow pops, take marshmallows and attach them to colorful straws. Then melt white chocolate and use red food coloring to make it pink. Dip in the marshmallows and add coconut shavings or sprinkles. Let them harden and give tie them together with some ribbon to give the illusion of a bouquet.

7. “Punny” Valentines


As of late, society has begun to scrutinize puns. However, you can show them some love this Valentine’s Day by making these cute valentines. Simply cut out paper hearts and add a slit on each side of each heart. Put a writing utensil in between the slits and write “you are just write”.

8. Candy fortune cookies


For these, buy some fruit roll ups. Then, shape them into fortune cookies. Inside, leave a fortune reading something like “I’m so fortunate that you’re my valentine”.

9. Valentine’s Day mugs


For many people, every day starts out with a cup of coffee or tea so this is perfect for pretty much everyone. All you need is a coffee mug and some sharpies. Write a cheesy message or cute hearts to decorate.

10. Valentine’s Day bingo cards


If you are hosting an event or just want to play bingo, this will work. You can make the bingo cards in whatever way you want and add different pictures or words that relate to Valentine’s Day.