Twins: Sarah and Maggie Angiulo


Sarah Ierino

Sarah and Maggie Agiulo

Sarah Ierino

Sarah Ierino
Sarah and Maggie Agiulo

Seniors Sarah and Maggie Angiulo made their first appearance in the halls of the Seneca Valley Senior High School at the start of junior year. Being twins in a new place with new people to meet offered the ultimate support through the big change. Despite the similar appearance, the Angiulo sisters are undeniably different.

Talking with the girls about their favorite thing about being twins revealed that they had a built in best friend and continuous support. On the downside, the most common misconception about them as twins was that they are the exact same person with the same feelings and interests. When asked about what was interesting about them, Sarah expressed her love of makeup and fashion while Maggie talked about how they both have older half-sisters who are twins just like them.

Sarah and Maggie may look alike, but it is obvious they are different in many aspects of their lives. I asked them a few questions about who would be the most likely to do a number of things:

Q: Who is most likely to spend too much money?

M: If I ever see good food or cute clothes I just have to spend money.

Q: Who is most likely to fall or “wipe out?”

M & S: We are both the “clumsy” ones.

Q: Who is most likely to get fired from a job?

M & S: Sarah (it already happened once before).

Q: Who would be most likely to miss the bus?

M: Sarah. She wakes up later.

S: Maggie. She takes longer to get ready.

What is important is to realize, while the Angiulo’s may look alike, they are more than twins, but individuals.