Seneca Valley administration Clarifies Two-Piece Dress Rumors

Chloe Ruffennach, Staff writer

Seneca Valley was subjected to unnecessary outrage after rumors were spread that they were banning two-piece dresses at prom.

The controversy followed a rumor that Seneca Valley planned to ban two-piece dresses entirely from their prom. Several who expect  to attend the 2017 prom were enraged after a rumor circulated the Senior High School, leading many to believe that if they wore a two-piece prom dress would not be able to attend their prom.

The story began to spread shortly after a handful of those who planned to attend their prom had already purchased nonreturnable two-piece dresses for the event.

Administration had been rumored to be considering the ban back in early January but never formally announced it.

In fact when Mr. Korcinsky was asked to comment on the ban, he stated, “The dress code is the same as it is every year. There isn’t a difference.” He continued, saying, “If anyone has any questions as to whether something is appropriate they can show me a picture and I’ll weigh in.”

When questioned what will happen if they come to the event wearing an inappropriate dress, Korcinsky stated that those who violate the dress code will be asked to cover up. If they are not able to find an alternate outfit, they will be sent home.

However, students have still continued to label the rumored ban as unfair and have pointed to the fact that last year’s prom attendees were not subjected to a strict dress code or even suggestions of such.

Katie Schwalm, a Seneca Valley senior, commented on the ban, saying, “I went to last year’s prom and a lot of people were wearing those dresses. I even did and my mom said it was appropriate.  No one gave me a problem for it then. It wasn’t revealing at all- maybe just a strip of skin.”

When asked about what constitutes an inappropriately styled prom dress, Schwalm said, “I mean, if you’re entire belly is showing, that’s bad. But if it’s a strip of skin I don’t see the problem.”

Nicole Shaffer, another SV senior, also weighed in and stated that the two-piece ban was a form of slut shaming. She said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea. Even if the ban is untrue there is a boundary as to what is inappropriate but I think banning two-pieces altogether is unfair. If you feel confident in your dress you should be able to wear it and most two-piece dresses don’t reveal a lot of skin anyways.”

Despite all of the outrage, Seneca Valley’s administration wish to clarify that it is not a ban on two-piece dresses specifically, but rather guidelines against attire that goes violate the school’s dress code as a whole.