Syrian Refugees Scatter Across the Globe

Krist Muñoz-Malavé, Staff Writer

To escape their nations violence, Syrian refugees have scattered across Europe, as well as the world, to find safe havens where they can stay.

According to CNN, Turkey is the nation which has, to date, taken in the most refugees as they are housing 1.9 million of the 4.1 million Syrians. The massive numbers in Turkey can be explained by the fact that the two nations share a border making the refugees they hold almost half of Syria’s migrating citizens.

While Turkey has the largest amount of refugees, Lebanon, a nation with only four million people or so, have more then one million of the Syrians occupying their country, the Wall Street Journal reports. In fact, according to Riad Salameh, the Central Bank Governor, it has taken quite the toll on the country, costing them nearly a billion dollars per year.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Salameh stated, “The prospects are not very bright for us because there are refugees. At the same time, they have to live with dignity, and Lebanon cannot provide that due to [our] difficult and small economy.”

According to CNN, Jordan, a country with history of taking in refugees, holds 629,000 of the migrating Syrian citizens. Resources are being thinned in the country, and as the UN says they “could have a negative impact on Jordanian public opinion of refugees and make preserving the country’s asylum space in the country challenging.”

The Wall Street Journal reported, however, that Jordan stated, there actually 1.4 million refugees and the 629,000 mentioned before are only those registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Many other nations are housing these refugees, CNN wrote, Such as Iraq with 249,000, Egypt with 132,000, Germany with 98,700, Sweden with 64,700, France with 6,700, the United Kingdom with 7,000, Denmark with 11,300, Hungary with 18,800, and many more. However, all of them face thousands of asylum requests from Syrian refuges.

In all of this, as said by CNN, the United States has 1,500 resettlements. To many, these numbers appear inexplicably low considering the resources and power the United States has. However, they have provided more then 576 million dollars, 31 %, of total donated aid.

Exactly what the future holds for the refugees is unknown, but with the help of others, who continue to make plans to further extend their help towards the migrating citizens, they will hopefully have a chance to continue entering other countries and escape the dangers taking place in their homeland.

(Photos provided by Bilal Hussein/Associated Press, UN Refugee Agency)