Top Ten Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

Melissa John, Staff Writer

The snow outside is melting, warmer temperatures are poking their way into the weather forecast, and it’s about that time to store away your Uggs and peacoats and replace them with these top ten fashion trends of spring 2013. With the help of People’s Style Watch magazine, the most essential spring pieces this year seem to be:

10. Flats and Low Heels.

Although pumps and high-heeled shoes are great for going out for a night on the town, low heels are definitely what are in this season. Whether they be your classic pointy toe, or even the newest trend-setting fashion of a ‘capped toe’, this shoe is bound to look great! Pair these iconic shoes with a floral Tory Burch blazer for a more professional looking outfit or some slouchy trousers for a more casual wear.

9. Sporty Dresses.

What’s in this season are A-line skirts! Sporty dresses have made the countdown due to their versatile qualities- like being able to be paired with anything from canvas sneakers to four-inch wedges! The ‘Letterman jacket’ look over top is making its way into the fashion trend, too. The best thing about this look? You can find these dresses at all price points from Forever 21’s modal-polyester to Andrew Marc’s polyester-spandex.

8. Layered Necklaces.

With jewelery getting bigger and chunkier year by year, it sure is a sigh of relief to see dainty, layered necklaces coming back into style this season. Whether worn over solids or patterns, the layered look is a simple, yet more creative way to spice-up any outfit.

7. Beading, Beading, and more Beading.

Influences from India, Russia, and even the Middle East have made it to the United States. This spring, beautiful embellishments like beading, have made the top ten list of fashion trends. This look can be done up for a glamorous evening look, or be taken back a few notches for an everyday outfit.

6. Leather.

Every season deems one ‘essential’ piece of clothing for girls’ closets and this spring it’s the leather jacket. With spring fashion being displayed earlier and earlier has the years go on, the sweat factor will not be an issue. This investment item is worth the cost due to its ability to create hundreds of different looks. Can’t find a cute leather jacket that seems to catch your eye? Opt for a leather skirt instead!

5. Bold Stripes.

Stripes never go out of style. Whether it be your pants, your tops, or even your shoes, stripes are all over the fashion ‘it’ list this spring. Pair your stripes with a denim jacket, an added headpiece, or a high-waisted skirt. This fashion trend has been cool for decades now, and I can assure you it won’t be going away anytime soon.

4. Bold Sunglasses.

Bold, colorful, OMG-worthy sunglasses are number four on our Spring Fashion Trends countdown for 2013. Whether they be small and dainty or big and loud, sunglasses are not only an essential item for any spring day, but are also what people are talking about this season.

3. Cutouts.

Aside from the classy, brunch look that many of this seasons fashion trends follow, the daring cutout look has also made the list. Whether it be for date night or even a fun night on the town with your girls, this flashy look can be altered to be as refined (or not so refined!) as you wish.

2. Black and White.

The typical pastels and ‘Easter-like’ colors are not the main focus this spring. With the looks listed above, black and white has made the cut as one of the top ten looks for this season. Whether you’re sporting this look at the office or out on a date, black and white is something that is sure to be a bold statement. Whether it be a Marc Jacobs bag or a Stacey Bendet canvas pump, black and white can be seen on celebrities from Diane Kruger to Ivanka Trump.

1. Bermuda Shorts.

Last but not least, this season’s hottest fashion trend is a pair of Bermuda shorts. This ultra-chic look can be dolled up with bright colors and floral prints or even toned down with natural colors and solid prints. Bermuda shorts were seen on hundreds of models during New York Fashion Week, and even celebrities have been sporting this versatile look.