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Holiday Gift Guide 2012

With the holiday season approaching fast, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list is bound to only add more chaos into your hectic schedule. From your boyfriend to your second cousin twice removed, the decision on what to get the varied people in your life is confusing, and often times, frustrating. Below is a guide that can help cut-back on the added stress that comes from making each present perfect.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No matter how serious the relationship may be, finding a present for that special someone is not a simple task. The general rule of thumb for buying presents for your significant other is to not focus on how much the other is spending on you. “It’s the thought that counts” truly is the perfect quote to sum up a present meant for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

With money being tight for us younger generation, it’s expected that you both won’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a brand new pair of Jordan’s or even the cutest Uggs. Keep things simple with a personalized present! Grab a bag and fill it with little things they love- this will not only be more special, but in the long run, a whole lot cheaper. Don’t have time to plan out a variety of little gifts? Make your own work of art for him or her to display in their room or even dorm room. When in doubt, remember everyone loves chocolate.

Mother/Father: Deciding what to get mom and dad is one of the most difficult choices you have to make during the holidays. After all, they are the ones spending all of their money on you. The bright side? Parents are morally obligated to love anything their children get them- no matter how ugly or simple it may be!

The best way to make them genuinely appreciate your gift is to listen when they talk throughout the year. Does your dad have a tool that just broke? Did your mom mention how she really wanted that new coffee maker? It’s the little things that remind them that you listen that will win their hearts this holiday.

Friends or Teammates: When buying presents for your friends, it may be easy to go overboard at times. The best idea is to get them a bunch of little things that they will find useful. Buying them things they will be more obligated to use is often times better than getting them things they will eventually throw away or re-gift.

If you know your friend very well then this should be an easy task, but what about those friends you receive merely from a grab bag secret Santa ordeal? The best bet would be to grab them the comfiest, fuzziest socks and candy. Who doesn’t love socks and candy?

Although the stress of the season probably is inevitable, deciding what to get each person on your list is something that can easily be done with some simple thinking and planning.

Just remember- it really is the thought that counts.

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