Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2012: Sales on the Rise from Last Year

Melissa John, Staff Writer

With Black Friday come and gone, it’s easier to look back and get a chuckle out of the millions of Americans that just a mere week ago, were camped out in front of their favorite stores from ten at night until four in the morning in search of saving a buck or two.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is known for its ability to transform everyday Americans into savage beasts that will stop at nothing just to get the latest technology at a lower cost. But is it really a lower cost? Below is a recap on the prices people were willing to wait in line for in the frigid cold this past Black Friday.

Best Buy: $189.99 32″ Panasonic LCD HDTV

Walmart: $29 Magic Bullet Machine

Target: $99.99 Chi Flat Iron

So, what about those who decided to hold off on the frostbite and wait until Cyber Monday to complete most of their holiday shopping? Were their power shopping sprees worth it? Below are listed some of the top Cyber Monday deals that were made available to the public from the leading Holiday shopping stores.

Best Buy: free $25 savings code with store pickup on purchases $250 or more

Walmart: $199 JVC 32-inch Class LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV

Target: $99.50 Union Geometric Print Futon

 This year’s Black Friday’s sales were said to have raised 6.6 percent from last year, while this year’s Cyber Monday sales rose an astonishing 16 percent.  Even with the hectic hustle and bustle and in rare cases, death rate, that Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring upon its customers, America will not be holding off on this shopping frenzy any year soon.