Fun Fall Festivities to Add to Your Autumn Calendar

Melissa John, Staff Writer

Summer is over, the sun isn’t shining, and now school has gotten in the way of all of your normally ‘free’ time; so when do you find the time to spend with your crush? Although time may be limited, along with the sunshine, fall is still the prime time to participate in some cute date ideas. Whether you have an hour to spare or an entire day, check out some of the cute fall festivities below that you can share with your significant other.

1. Take a trip to the local pumpkin patch with your boyfriend or girlfriend! Pick out pumpkins, grab a hot chocolate, and go back home to carve some jack-o-lanterns. This seemingly ‘childish’ activity is fun for all ages, and can be turned from an hour activity to an all day affair!

2. Whether you get tickets to a Sunday night game or stay in to watch from the comfort of your home, football is never the wrong answer. Can’t find tickets to an NFL game? No problem! Head on over to your local university and see if you can grab some student section seats.

3. What’s better than starting off your fall season with the celebration of the up and coming Halloween! Take a trip to a corn maze and have fun getting lost and scared all at the same time. Afterwards, head back home to continue with the fall activities such as building leaf piles, having a bonfire, or caramel dipping your very own self-picked apples!

4.  Tired of staying inside? Head out to Kennywood’s Fright Night or Cheeseman’s Frightfarm to share a perfect scary date night! You can always grab a group of friends and make it a fun, friend activity as well!

5. Can’t find a party to go to? Make your own! Find a group of friends, plan accordingly, and have fun. This will not only take the pressure off of those who always plan a party, and will also spice things up and give you something to be proud of and look forward to.