Sing, a Movie for Parents, Kids, and those awkward in-betweens

Luke Ryan, Staff Writer

Sing is an animated comedy by Dreamworks, the producers of the Despicable Me films.

It centers around theater-owning koala Buster Moon (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) who decides to run a talent contest to draw sales for his borderline bankrupt theater. The talented cast, reality show feel, familiar pop songs, and cute animal characters make this a great family movie.

I usually am not a fan of musicals, musical theatre, or movies with a good deal of stops for musical numbers, so I was not planning on seeing this movie because it looked to definitely fit the mold. However, I was dragged along by a few friends and had a great time watching this film.

There were a few moments in the movie that I would change if I could. For example, one of the main characters (who shall remain nameless) causes a whole mess of trouble for the others that almost ruins absolutely everything, but at the end said messer-upper is still invited up onstage for a finishing solo with not even a hint of redemption. I wasn’t expecting the character to have to sell his firstborn to be forgiven, but not even an I’m sorry? come on.

I also disagreed with some of the song choices for two particular characters. Characters with beautiful and soulful voices, that were given peppy and upbeat songs.  However you do get to hear one of those golden-voiced characters singing snippets of  very powerful and emotional songs such as All of Me by John Legend, or Stay With Me by Sam Smith.

Despite these few criticisms this is still a great family movie and a feel-good movie in general. My friends and I had a great time dancing in our seats and really getting into the movie when things were good, bad, or suspenseful. The directors and actors worked in a bit of everything for every audience member to really enjoy this movie and have a good time with loved ones at the theatres.

This movie promotes trying hard, bravery, teamwork, and following your heart. It also has very deep messages about parent-child relationships, how hard it is to keep a household running, and the challenges you face chasing your dreams.