Abundance of alternative albums set for release in fall 2016

Abundance of alternative albums set for release in fall 2016

Matt Di Michele, Staff Writer

After the summer of 2016 saw many big name artists releasing track after track of music instilled with pop-centric summer vibes, the alternative music landscape is set to take over this fall as the entirety of American music delves into the new season.

While the past few months have seen no shortage of quality alternative releases, many artists tend to spend the months of June, July and August on tour, and thus not producing any new sounds. September and October are prime avenues for artists to release their latest records early enough to possibly tour in November and December yet late enough to potentially remain popular into 2017.

Indie and alternative groups seem to follow the same pattern. Kicking things off on September 9th are Bastille of Great Britain, who are set to release their second LP after finding major success with their first. “Wild World” will see the Dan Smith led group hoping to emulate the success that they had with such hits as “Pompeii” and “Bad Blood” that were off of their first studio album.

In an interesting if not unorthodox decision, Bastille decided to give “Wild World” an overarching theme: film. Every song on the album will feature audio from various movies that were released many years ago, mostly to poor critical and commercial reviews. For example, a speech from the film “War of the Planets” is featured on “Send Them Off”, one of the tracks Bastille released from the album prior to the 9th.

Bad Suns are also set to release a new album in September. Their work, entitled “Disappear Here”, will be released on the 16th. The band has already released a few of the album’s tracks, including “Heartbreaker” and the LP’s main song, also called “Disappear Here”.

Perhaps this fall’s biggest and most exciting release is Two Door Cinema Club’s “Gameshow”. Set to be dropped on October 14th, Two Door Cinema Club’s third album is the first time that the Irish group has put out any material since 2013. Their three year hiatus from producing music has left many fans extremely eager for “Gameshow” to exceed expectations.

Rounding out October are two more releases that are both follow-ups to surprisingly successful albums. Saint Motel’s “Saintmotelvision” and Empire of the Suns’ “Two Vines” (due to be released on October 21st and 28th, respectively) will continue to help alternative music’s growth into becoming a staple in the American musical scene.

Many of the artists have already put out songs from their albums, months before their respective albums’ release dates. In fact, Bastille, Two Door Cinema Club, Saint Motel and Empire of the Sun will all feature on EA Sports’ “FIFA 17” video game, according to the gaming company’s official website. The September 27th release is just one of many outlets that these indie artists are set to utilize this fall season.