“Don’t Breathe” till you read this review

Sarah Ierino, Staff Writer

The new movie, “Don’t Breathe,” is a gripping film sure to lock your eyes to the screen.

When people first started talking about this upcoming movie, the impression stood as the movie was a scary one. After watching the movie, myself, I assure you it is not. “Don’t Breathe” is pure suspense and thrill.

The main characters are Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette), and the blind man (Stephen Lang). The director of this movie is Fede Alvarez who did an amazing job using the characters to create a truly nail biting motion picture.

The story line of “Don’t Breathe” is focused on this group of three young adults who have their fun by robbing houses. They have it down to a science, from securing the keys to each house they break into to using a remote to turn off the alarm before it actually goes off.

One day they hear about a man who supposedly had just received a huge sum of money and kept it inside the house. The amount of money was enough to run away to California, which was Rocky’s dream.

The night rolls around that they had planned to rob the house and off they go. Once inside the house the action really ensues. This blind man is not at all helpless like they assumed because of his disability.

The struggle to find the money and get out of the house becomes a life or death situation.

This movie is full of spine chilling scenes that make you gasp out loud. The perfect word that could be used to describe this cinematic experience was, gripping.

Looking around the theatre, everyone was on the edge of their seats because this movie was anything but predictable. There was nothing typical or boring about this movie at all.

In a way this movie often became frustrating due to the fact that the main characters would be so close to escaping the horror only to be caught in a whole new terrifying scenario.

 “Don’t Breathe” was a highly recommended movie and undoubtedly held up to its claim. Anyone and everyone should see this movie, unless they have a weak stomach. There were many graphic scenes that could possibly trigger certain people. Kids should also not see this movie just for the simple reason that it would scare them out of their minds.

Overall, “Don’t Breathe” was an amazing movie that gives you the experience a suspense movie really should.