Sir Ravi the Juggler Masters the Rubik’s Cube

Alex Risch, Staff Writer

Not many people can juggle. Not many people can solve a Rubik’s Cube. However Stanford student Ravi Fernando can do both… at the same time. He doesn’t juggle something and while juggling the Rubik’s Cube, he juggles the cube and solves it at the same time.

The student group at Stanford, Humans of Stanford, were the ones to bring this spectacle to the Web, and it became a YouTube sensation. In the video Ravi juggles the Rubik’s Cubes and 2 hacky sacks and carries on a conversation with the camera person.

In the video, the cameraman states that Ravi holds a world record for doing this; however, it is unofficial. They say that he can do this the faster than anyone else, most likely because no one else has done it.

This is not the first Rubik’s Cube feat that Ravi has done. He has competed in official Rubik’s Cube events.

Ravi is titled in the video as “Sir Ravi the Juggler” got his name because when one of the Humans of Stanford saw the video they said he was so good he should be knighted, and thus he is reffered to as Sir Ravi the Juggler.