Rihanna Debuts Her New Clothing Line, River Island

Melissa John, Staff Writer

Rihanna certainly ‘shined bright like a diamond’ last Saturday as she debuted her collection for UK high street brand River Island.

Rihanna took her debut to a whole new level this past weekend when she decided to show off her pieces at a fashion show at the massive Old Sorting Office on New Oxford street. Rihanna’s different style was displayed as she decided to forgo the typical runway show and use an industrial-looking stage on which the models posed and strutted on different platforms. This technique definitely showed off Rihanna’s personality in a fun, concert-like way.

The entire night was pumped full of Rihanna’s own music as the models displayed looks that were unquestionably Rihanna’s own design. With outfits that looked like they were shipped straight from her very own closet, the audience saw just what they anticipated and wanted- a way to dress like the confident and edgy Rihanna.

Some looks that could be seen during the show included: knitted maxi dresses with thigh-high slits, fitted shift dresses, and even crop top and underwear combos. It’s safe to say the looks would go best with some Rihanna style confidence and a Rihanna body, too.

It’s no wonder the collection was distinctly Rihanna-like: The starlet was on-hand backstage to help style the collection and give the final okay before the models went on stage.

Rihanna stated during an interview, “I’ve been wanting to design my own collection for some time. River Island is the perfect partner for me to collaborate with and working with a British, family run business also really appealed to me. I find London really inspiring and River Island loves to have fun with clothes. I’m looking forward to working with them and creating something really special.”