Walking Dead Premiere Wows Audiences

Bradley Hart, Staff Writer

On February 10, the television show The Walking Dead returned to AMC after a midseason break.  The premiere was highly anticipated after several months of waiting by eager fans, most of whom were teens and young adults, but the audience went all of the way to late forty year olds.

The new episode was watched by over 12.3 million highly excited fans of the series on the opening night alone.

The episode started off with a quick recap of what had happened in the previous part of season three.  Then immediately after the recap all of the characters went right back into action.

The first episode was highly exciting and full of heart pounding action and drama.  The episode also shows divide among the main group which is led by main character of Rick Grimes, a small town sheriff played by the talented Andrew Lincoln.

This episode also shows the ever increasing role that Andrea, played by Laurie Holden, a headstrong and very vocal member of the group, now has.  She lives in the town of Woodbury with a man known as the governor after she was captured by townspeople.

For those who haven’t seen The Walking Dead it is a TV series in which a group of people live in a post-apocalyptic world that is full of zombies.  The television show does not just have cool action scenes and people killing zombies, but it also reveals people’s inner personalities when faced with chaotic and death filled lives.  These factors of zombies, action, drama, and people’s inner personalities have made The Walking Dead one of the most popular television shows right now.

Overall, I would give this midseason premiere 9 stars out of 10.  All of the things that people fell in love with The Walking Dead were in this episode.  In addition to this, the episode provided a sneak peak at some possible future events that would take the show in an unexplored direction which is sure to captivate audiences around the country.