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Super Bowl Sunday Ads: The Good and The Bad

Super Bowl commercials are always such a hype before Super Bowl Sunday; this year there were both good and bad when it came to different companies and their commercials.  Starting with what has been considered the top five worst commercials by multiple sources like the Post and Associated Press.

Go’s first commercial objectifies women and makes fun of unattractive people. Spokesperson Danica Patrick explains, “GoDaddy is both sexy and smart which is a great concept until they kiss. Most found it awkward because of the sloppy wet noises, intended to gross you out.”

With the second commercial from Go my first impression was “Can it be? A Go Daddy ad without a half dressed woman?” But this ad is just as sexist as the rest of the company’s offerings. Wives around the world are harping on their husbands for not putting their big idea online. Why are the women all so angry? Why are the men the only ones allowed to have great ideas?

The next commercial that did not have great review was one by Doritos. Most Super Bowls are known for multiple Doritios ads, but this year’s ad featuring a little girl who wants her dad to play with her was not top on the list. It plays out as he is about to go hang out with the guys. But when he sees that she has Doritos, he changes his tune. Before you know it, he’s wearing makeup and a dress. The implication that a dad doesn’t want to spend time with his daughter unless she bribes him with Doritos is not very nice.

The Volkswagen commercial, which released early, has been controversial all week. An average white guy’s Volkswagen makes him happy — so happy that he speaks with a Jamaican accent. “You know what dis room needs? A smile,” says the man. “Who wanna come wit I?” Though VW’s chief marketing officer said the commercial checked out just fine with actual Jamaicans, many people wondered if it was racist. And when the conversation about a company becomes more about racism than your product, it’s an ineffective commercial.

The better ads of the night were another from Doritos, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser.

Doritos once again crowd sources its Super Bowl presence, allowing contest winners to create its ads. In this one, a man buys a Doritos-eating goat. The man soon discovers he is unable to satisfy the goat’s out-of-control Doritos habit.

A Best Buy ad starring Amy Poehler does celebrity endorsement right. This is a relatable famous person, one we can almost picture shopping at Best Buy. Poehler seems like the kind of person who might crave new high-tech goodies, but might also need a teensy bit of help navigating the newest electronics.

The Budweiser Clydesdales make their return in an ad that follows a trainer as he spends years preparing a horse to join the Budweiser horse team. Cute infant horse. Sweet tale of a trainer who misses his horse.

As millions of people watch the Super Bowl every year, its crucial for certain brands to partake in marketing their product on Super Bowl Sunday. In 2013 the average 30 second spot costs upward of $4 million.

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